TAMRA - Water Bottle

MRP : 1350

Offer Price : 1080

CV : 200

Product Code : 000


Copper has been known to be the sun kissed metal with unmatched benefits for our body. Benefiting from the benefits of this wonder metal is TAMRA, an initiative to re-establish the goodness of Copper in our daily routine in a luxurious way. From purifying water to adding a rich mineral concentration, Tamra is going to be a worthy addition to your kitchen as well as life.

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Benefits of TAMRA Water Bottle

1. Drinking water stored in Tamra bottles helps in increasing immunity significantly.
2. This practice also helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health.
3. It helps keep the digestive system in good shape.
4. Long term consumption of water stored in Tamra Bottles helps in keeping a check on increase in weight by keeping the metabolism active.
5. It also helps in the production of melanin in body which is very important to fight sin diseases resulting from over-exposure to Sun.
6. Also, the production of Hemoglobin is increased considerably which helps prevent Anemia.
7. It also helps in reducing the chances of Arthritis and other inflammatory pain.
8. Copper has also been proven to have Cancer preventive properties.
9. Water which is stored in Tamra bottles also helps in the absorption of Iron in the body.
10. Free Radicals of copper help in fighting off the production of harmful bacteria which are often the reason for water borne diseases.

How to use

Store water in Tamra Water Bottles and leave them undisturbed in a cool place for atleast 4 hours before consuming the water.


How To Clean

1. Put the mixture of lemon juice and salt in the bottle and fill half of it with hot water.
2. Leave the bottle for 15 minutes.
3. Shake the bottle nicely with the cap screwed, thereafter rinse off with normal water.
4. Leave it to dry.

How NOT To Clean

1. Using scrubbers to clean the bottle.
2. Using it to store liquids other than water.
3. Applying cleaning soaps or detergents on the inside or outside of the bottle.
4. Using harsh chemicals on the bottle