Amrita - An Ayurvedic Potion

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Amrita is an honest attempt to create a nourishing beverage, an ode to our rich Ayurvedic heritage and an endeavor to achieve a holistic health benefit.

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Benefits of Amrita

1. Amrita prepares the body against infections such as cold, cough, and various infections on regular consumption.
2. It reduces constipation and acidity.
3. Sipping Amrita in warm water only leads to weight loss.
4. It rejuvenates the body and ensures that body feels fresh and active.
5. It is rich in various minerals, proteins and vitamins and works as a natural health booster.
6. Amrita revives the body due to natural anti-oxidants present in the herbs.
7. It solves any issues related to digestion.
8. It reduces the chances of heart blockage.
9. Amrita has a unique property of soothing the body internally
10. It is rich in anti-oxidants and removes the toxins releasing in body due to premature ageing resulting from stressed lifestyle and pollution.



1. Arjun Ki Chhaal
2. Bajia Khataai
3. Chandan
4. Gulaab Patti
5. Mulethi
6. Tulsi
7. Saunf
8. Tej Patta
9. Elaichi
10. Laung
11. Dalchini



S.No Parameter Test Result Per 100g Test Result Per 2g
1 Energy, Kcal 36.09 7.39
2 Protien, g 8.72 0.17
3 Fat, g 5.00 0.10
4 Carbohydrate, g 72.49 1.44
5 Sugar, g 2.71 0.05

How to use

Boil the formulation in water for less than a minute and use it in following ways –
1. Normal Tea – Use it as substitute against Normal Tea.
2. Black Tea – Drink it as a simple potion with hot water.
3. Milk Flavouring – You may add Amrita to hot milk and drink with or without sweetener.
4. Lemon Tea – Use Amrita as substitute of Lemon Tea.
5. Honey Tea – Use Amrita to prepare Honey Tea.
6. Milkshake – Cool the potion and add sugar, chilled milk and sugar to prepare sumptuous chiller.
7. Chiller – Cool the potion and add ice and sugar to enjoy a delicious chiller.
8. Masala Tea – Use it in place of traditional Masala Tea.